Get enterprise omniscience without end user irritation.

Collector starts with lightweight code placed on endpoints across the enterprise. These sensors collect real-time intelligence covering application, file, user and system events without slowing down productivity.

Connecting science and security.

Thousands of interactions across all your company’s endpoints are aggregated by FileTrek for analysis. Risk is determined and scored based on advanced Behavioral Analytics and business process machine learning.

Analytics enable focus.

Data evaluated by FileTrek is culled so that “noise” is eliminated and risky events or behaviors are surfaced. When a risk is identified and scored, FileTrek alerts quickly alerts you on where the problem lies.

Clear words speak volumes.

FileTrek collects and presents threats and risks with simple language so that you can quickly understand the scope of the problem and take appropriate action.

Applying Behavioral Analytics to Security
Reporting risky behavior. In plain language.

Preventing targeted attacks no longer requires a team of forensic experts.

One of the reasons it traditionally takes so long to investigate data breaches is that there is so much data needing collection, aggregation and interpretation often requiring the help of very expensive forensic experts. Proactive risk alerts generated by FileTrek, however, include all relevant events, are easy to read, graphically intuitive, and written in plain English – so you can spend your time preventing breaches rather than decoding hieroglyphics.


Prioritizing risk and keeping score.

Being proactive against IP theft means pinpointing vulnerabilities.

Powered by FileTrek’s patent pending Behavioral Analytics Engine and Business Process Machine Learning, weighted risk scores are assigned to people, devices, data assets, and transaction events. FileTrek detects anomalous events and prioritizes them so you can focus your time on your biggest vulnerabilities. When preset thresholds are exceeded, FileTrek sends out proactive alerts and helps you take quick and effective actions to remediate the situation.


The ugly truth.

Sensitive data theft isn’t just your dirty little secret anymore. 

More and more businesses are affected by insider and outside targeted attacks every year.

Data is a company’s most valuable asset, as well as the lifeblood of competitive advantage in the market. But changing business models and technologies – such as smart phones & tablets, BYOD policies, and cloud storage – as well as growing attacks from both internal and external sources – are combining to create an unprecedented level of data loss risk.