interset-video-titleInterset is a science and technology leader that has unlocked the power of behavioral analytics, machine learning, big data and risk forensics to provide a highly intelligent and accurate insider threat and targeted outsider threat detection solution.

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Understanding Threat Detection

Intelligent and highly automated, Interset collects and aggregates more types of event data (endpoint, directory, SIEM and IP repository), and correlates those events to the entities involved (user, machine, application, file). Interset “connects the dots” of an attack so you know who is involved, how the attack is unfolding and what data is at risk. Interset enables security team to stop IP theft.

Insider Attack

Cyber Attack

  • accountAccount Takeover
  • cyberIP at Risk
  • unknownUnknown
  • aptAPT Attack

Focusing on operational efficiency and ease of use, the Interset Platform protects your sensitive data through early attack detection, threat prioritization, actionable forensics and removal of noise and false positives. We find and surface threats before they can steal your data.

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Key Features

Threat Detection

Evaluate threats quickly and accurately

  • Real-time threat detection
  • Risk scoring for threat prioritization
  • Probabilistic math surfaces true attacks
  • 24/7 IP threat visibility
  • Forensic reporting & incident response

Behavioral Analytics

Our machine learning and algorithms are field proven to quickly and accurately detect risk & threats

  • Tracks and baselines users, files, machines & applications
  • Identifies and surfaces anomalous, high risk activity
  • Pinpoints real-time and historic attacks and IP theft
  • Detection occurs in hours instead of months

Zero in on Real Threats

Separate real threats and risks from noise and false positives

  • Risk scoring surfaces and prioritizes threats
  • Continuous monitoring of all sensitive assets
  • Detects both insider and targeted outside attack
  • Correlates authentication, access, file, & application activity

Forensic Reporting

Plain language reporting, alerting and incident response workflow connect detection to response and control systems

  • Simple and clear presentation of high risk events
  • Drill-down to highest risk people, project or asset visualizations
  • Actionable forensic details automatically exported to SIEM or IR
  • Rest API integration enables high risk scores and anomalous activity to actuate existing IT controls